Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Plan

Today is all about the boys cooking for us. Every so often they will ask me if they can come up with the meal plan and cook for the night. Every so often I will let them. I know...I know...believe me I know what you are going to say. And to that I will say, cooking is my time. I invest my whole day to them and so cooking is my time! I will scream this every time you try and tell me to let them help in the kitchen. So this is one of those ever not so often times I give in. I DO love to see them enjoy planning and cooking. know. Well, I am cooking dessert, shoot they thought of that too!

Their plan

Hamburgers with bacon and grilled onions

Onion Buns ~ see when I cook hamburgers I don't do buns, they may be trying to tell me something???

French Fries ~ see when I cook I would use sweet potatoes but they want regular french fries, they may be trying to tell me something???

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar with Ice Cream ~ I would so do this! But they thought of it first!

Sounds good boys, I have taught you well! Love, Mom

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