Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday Plan

We are gone to Cincinnati Ohio for Dalton's 2 year MRI check up. Please cover us with prayer as we travel. We are confident God is healing Dalton and hope to also see the doctor while we are there to read the results. It is only a 4 hour drive so we plan to drive there in the morning and come home that night.

We have to leave our house around 4 in the morning, they are an hour ahead of us and he has to be there at 10. He of course can't eat. But that is okay. We have 2 stops to make while we are there. There is a great little hamburger joint inside an old train car. They are awesome and we are some hamburger loving people. Then there is Grater's Ice Cream. It is like nothing we have had before or since. We always get dry ice and bring some home. It is always a special treat after having an IV and laying in a tunnel for an hour!

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Angela ~ said...

God blessed us with no more and no less than His best. The cyst is the same after 3 years now so another MRI in 2 years and we can called it healed! Thank you Father, we love you.