Friday, August 28, 2009


I am back. Well, in a way. Different. I can't possibly post every day. I can however, post once a week. For an extra special treat I might even post twice. How is that?

I really feel inspired today. There is just something special about homemade pizza and ice cream.

My friend Diana one year for my birthday gave me a pizza pan and her recipe for crust. So special and personal. I love gifts like that. Teach me and I will learn. Her recipe uses all white flour but I substitute some whole wheat in there and it just makes it heartier and chewier. Maybe I could get a special guest (Sarah) to post her famous (I hear from her mother) pizza crust recipe soon. I am sure she uses ALL whole wheat!

Sprinkle 2 pkg yeast into 1/4 c warm water and add a pinch of sugar or a drizzle of honey. Let sit until bubbly about 3-5 minutes. Combine 1 1/4 c flour and 1 tsp salt. Pour in yeast mixture, 1 c warm water and 1/4 c olive oil. Mix and knead until smooth. Let rise until double. Makes 2 pizzas. Bake on bottom shelf at 450 for about 10 minutes or until crust is golden brown.

Boys Pizza
Roast a chicken, cut up in bite size pieces. Fry some bacon. Top a crust with olive oil and 2 garlic cloves. Layer with chicken, bacon and mozzarella. After it cooks drizzle it with ranch dressing. If it were mine I would also add some red onion slices. But it is theirs.

Mine and Tom's
Roast some garden fresh tomatoes in a 325 oven for 1-2 hours until they look delicious to you. The longer the better I say. All you have to do is cut off the top, drizzle with oil, salt and pepper and roast away.
Oh my.
Top the pizza with olive oil and garlic. Spread the tomatoes, basil and mozzarella.
oh my.

Okay now this is some rich ice cream. I actually got it from a blog that suggests it for breakfast. I mean all that milk, eggs, honey...good for ya right?!

Ice cream
10 egg yolks- please use only organic farm fresh eggs
6 c raw milk
1 c agave or honey
2 tsp vanilla
Beat with mixer. Pour into freezer ice cream maker. Stir often until done.

Defrost some blueberries add agave nectar and top your ice cream.

Mental note: JOG IN THE MORNING.