Saturday, November 15, 2008

C'est Moi ~ It's Me

I interrupt the regular blog cast to recommend a fantastic salon.

C'est Moi Salon
316 E Commercial Ave
Lowell, IN

No I am not getting a discount to promote them. They are not even aware of my posting of them. Seriously, it is like NO other salon I have been to, ever, period! They are an upscale but NOT pretentious salon. The owner is lovely, Lori. She did a color for me once. Today I got Amy, so sweet. I kid you not I went in for a much needed hair cut and an HOUR later I came home ready to do everything that needs to be done today. I can not express the care and professionalism. They have a blue room. It is the shampoo room. Let me just tell you it is at least a 10 minute shampoo and massage. With blue lights around the room for light, music and these intoxicating candles burning. Oh, and they have stools for you to put your feet up on while getting your hair washed and massaged. The bowl comes up to you rather than your falling back into it. Did I mention the massage? Never had anything like it before. Then after all that they cut your hair. They take their time and I am sure cut every single hair on your hair exactly the way it was meant to be cut. Then the products and style. Your hair will smell the best ever. Okay so for this hour hair cut and massage, style and relaxation it only cost me $30. If that is more than you are use to paying I highly recommend you plead with you husband to let you splurge and see the difference. Let me know if you go and how you loved it!

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