Thursday, January 1, 2009

January 2009

Happy New Year !
How many days does it take to get use to writing that on your checks???
What does time look like to God?
I mean as I sit like most everyone, I wonder where it all all goes. My husband and I were talking about Y2K. Remember that? Our youngest son was almost born. He is now going to be 9! 9 years ago! That is a lot of time to pass. Yet as I look back it seems to have passed by in a flash. All those trials, happy days, unhappy days, learning. What knowledge have I gained in 9 years?! I am wondering what does it look like to ponder and treasure up. In the first 2 chapters of Luke he tells us twice that Mary pondered and treasured in her heart these things. I pray for myself and all my friends to ponder and treasure in your hearts the good things of each day this year. 365 days of treasures stored up.
Love to you all.

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