Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday 1/15

Well, we have been shoveling for the past few days and I have just been to sore to even sit. Add Tom going back to work and changing to 4 - 10 hour days, which I love. But just those few hours I am use to him being home has been an eye opener. He really does do a lot for our family in those hours. Like take Dalton to guitar, run to the grocery store, stop at the library and yes wash dishes from the day. So if you have one of those helping husbands, bake him some cookies today and says Thanks, honey!

So where are we?
With all the errands I have run and all the driveways I have helped the boys shovel these last two days I have NOT been to the grocery store. And I am NOT going today. I like the one guy who said, "Well I can't really use this word but, it is going to warm up to 0 today." I am not going out, I even rescheduled Dalton's ortho appointment so we could stay home today, all day. So I am making what we have at home.

Stone Soup
I soaked a cup of each dry bean I had

I added to the crock pot fresh water this morning along with 3 tbsp salt, red pepper flakes, a few pieces of bacon and some bacon grease. After about 5 hours I will add
soy sauce
crushed tomatoes
a few potatoes
pepperoncini peppers
some left over frozen swiss chard from the garden
cook another 4 or so hours

I am going to make some fresh bread today and some chocolate chip cookies for daddy.

Stay warm, sip the coffee or hot chocolate! Read something! Enjoy the day that the Lord has made!

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