Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday 1/12

Sorry I didn't post over the weekend until today. I am sure you survived and ate! Just when I have a plan to help me plan out my menu for the week like breakfast night, bean night, beef night and so on I have to go and watch the food network and I go and get all hungry. They had a food challenge to make hamburgers. We are also getting more snow today along with another blast of single digit temps. So I am thinking soup and sandwiches with sandwiches getting the attention. I plan to make 3 big pots of simple soup and really accentuate the side. that I made you all excited about sandwiches tonight I am doing breakfast. I know...I know...but I was in the grocery store without a list and when I am under that kind of pressure I always resort to breakfast.

We will have the regular fried eggs, biscuits, pig and more pig and now that I am forever hooked (thanks a lot Tricia) grape salad. I gave you the recipe last week so go check it out. I will try to plan out the rest of the recipes later tonight.

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