Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What is in your Fridge?

If you have ever read a Rachael Ray magazine I know exactly where you flip to first?  The back page!  You know what I'm talking about.  That back page where they highlight a famous person's fridge.  We foodies are predictable, we want to know what people eat.  As if we can somehow know who they are by what they eat.  Maybe that's why we say you are what you eat? 

I have been so busy this week with 3 soap making classes that I haven't blogged.  I have barely been able to keep up on email.  So pretend I am a famous soap maker to the stars.  Okay atleast a successful soap maker.  Here is what is in my fridge. 

2 bags of Costco organic corn
4 quarts of organic strawberries
4 quarts of homemade chicken broth
homemade bean burritos for husbands lunch
Edy's fruit bars
homemade key lime pie popsicles

We juice a bit so a 25lb of organic carrots and 30lbs of oranges are a must! 
See that bottle of cod liver oil in there?!
A bowl of caprese salad left over from lunch today.
Organic rice milk.
A drawer full of lemons & limes for Rice Milk Limonade.
Local free range eggs.
Jicama, great juicy crunch for salads and also good for juicing.

And don't worry the sugar cookies are in the microwave for safe keeping ;)  We can't always be good!

What is in your fridge?

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~ Journeyers ~ said...

While we have some very similar things I can say my fridge is definitely not as clean and orderly. lol We have the same amount of lemons and limes too! We love your recipe and make it often. The last few time though it never makes it to the freezer. Will have to get your recipe for the burritos for Brian's lunches. :D


Lori said...

Lots of apples, carrots, and coleslaw mix. Cheese, cheese and more cheese, eggs, salsa and salad fixins! In my freezer is homemade spaghetti sauce and various bone broths. And Ice. Oh how I love my ice! :)

Angela ~ said...

Everything sounds healthy girls!! Way to go!

Rachel said...

Angela, you have a very healthy fridge and I agree with the above that it is very orderly! How do you make the burritos? Thanks again for linking up with Healthy 2day Wednesdays last week, this weeks link up is now open! See you there! :) BTW, we love those fruit bars too!