Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Curse That We Are Not Able to Fix

Have you ever wondered what God's curse really meant for us when Adam and Eve fell?  Have you ever wondered what is meant by He will set us free?  They both go hand in hand.  He came to set us free from the curse.  So shouldn't we find out what that curse is and how it affects our lives?

When Eve decided to listen to the serpent she choose not to listen to God.  So God pronounced upon her to have a desire to be lead, protected, cared for, provided for, you insert your desire, by her husband.

When Adam decided to not protect her God pronounced that by hard labor and the cursed ground he would try and be a leader, protector, care giver, provider and so on. 

Isn't it true?  We as Christian wives want our husbands to lead us in prayer, to lead our families, work hard to provide and be manly in character.

Isn't it true?  Christian husbands want submissive wives that help them.

What is wrong with all that?  God meant for us to go to Him for leading, protecting, care, everything.  He cursed.  He also gave us freedom.  That Freedom comes from knowing Him.  We were created in the garden to be each others helpers.  Everything else God provides.  We can not fix the curse.  We can never be for another person what only God can be. 

If your husband won't pray with you does God still hear you?
If your close ones aren't Christians does God still care for you?
If your are hormonal and can't seem to get anything right does God care? 

I ask all these questions as I am surrounded by friends who are true woman of God and I am grieved by not being able to fix it. We all have problems that no one else can fix.  Go to Him.  He made a way to set us free from the curse of desiring others before Him.  Desire Him instead.

"How are you going to be a happy person even if the other person does not change?"

Families Where Grace Is In Place, Jeff VanVonderen

As a disclaimer:  I am not saying we are free from being obedient to God and his desires for our relationships with spouses and families.  I am also not saying a friend is of no useful help during trials.  I say all this with a sigh of relief because I am free from trying to control and change people to fit my needs.  God will do that, the changing if needed and the fulfilling of my needs.  Amen.


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