Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Rainy Day at the Czepinski Farm

Aurancan/Easter Egger

Golden Laced Wyandotte

Buttercup the resident rooster

Buttercup & the girls

Garden view


Kuri Squash

Swiss Chard

Green Bean flowers

Honey Crisp Apples we planted!

Lily (anyone know the name)

Grass & Hostas

Knock Out Roses

Daisy against my white picket fence



Deborah Berko said...


Lori said...

I don't know the name of your lilly, but we call them ditch lillies :) Love the pics!

~ Journeyers ~ said...

Love your pictures and your garden looks great! Where did you get your honey crisp apple tree? I can't believe you have apples already! Nice! :D

Hidden Treasures said...

Your place is pretty! I'd love to raise chickens and maybe have a cow or 2 too... Maybe someday...

Cookie Crumbs and Aprons said...

That is a Daylily, an orange Daylily to be exact. In Louisiana no yard is completely landscaped without 'em. (Of course, that is just my opinion!)