Monday, December 20, 2010


1. To make solid, compact, or hard.
2. To make strong or united.

When you take two things and, no, no. I am not talking about cooking.

When I remembered I blogged last year and went back to look at the old blog I spent the day reading my old posts. Like a journal of a past year. I was so happy to have a record of it. So I am looking at blogging a bit different this time. I am not going to sell things or advertise or do giveaways. This is really more for me then it is for you. Sound selfish, well sorry about that. Look at it as you getting to share in my blessing. Because it is a blessing. To see God give you His wisdom and then solidify it for you.

I posted today about celebrating Christmas and remembering to give of yourself. God gave me that wisdom and then solidified it in real time. I just had to stop and ponder it. He gives us so much but we are to busy or carefree to ponder things. Which reminds me of a post I wrote last year on what it must have looked like for Mary to ponder these things in her heart as Jesus was born and grew. That's called a Red Heron...when you go off the subject.

I was in my room after my shower and I heard the boys say, "she's in her room." I said, "you can come in." I was just staring out the window looking at the birds. Bryce held a gift in his hands. He said, "look I have the first gift for under the Christmas tree." All smiles and devious looks. Because to them it is all about them knowing something you don't. Like what is it? Where did you get it? When did you get it? How did you get it without me knowing? And the other 2 boys were there smiling as if it had come from them but in reality they didn't even know what it was. Giving. The joy of giving. Savor it. Savor how much it blesses the person doing the giving. Don't miss it! Please. Please don't miss it.

During one of the small groups at youth group one of the girls said how boring it must be for God. He already knows the outcome but He waits so long. Why is He waiting so long? He must be bored. My reply was that it's like Christmas. You know when you get a gift for mom and you are so excited to give it to her. But Christmas Day is still a few weeks off. Your excitement doesn't go away does it? Yet you already know what it is right? It is the joy of giving. The anticipation of waiting to give the best gift ever. God isn't bored I see Him as my child this morning. Waiting with all anticipation for the right time to share it ALL with us.

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