Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Past Year

If I am being honest here these past few days have been HORRIBLE! Tom is working 12 hour days, which he signed up for and we discussed would be good right now so we can pay off the van. But him being gone so much is starting to drive me crazy. We have been on a 2 week so far break and staying up every night past bed times and sleeping in. You know that is getting old when your 14 year old brings his Christmas candy to you and asks you to put it up and asks to get back on proper bedtimes. When they feel it and ask for the old ways you know it's past time. Being here in Indiana away from all of our family, really always have been but for some reason this year seems hard. Maybe it's because we really aren't close to any of our families and I feel saddened by that truth. We have been away from the house these past 3 days from early in the morning until time to come home and cook a decent dinner because lunch out these past 3 days have not been healthy. ***Personal woman content warning*** I am officially going through menopause! Yes at 39! Have been really for the past two years and am on the 65th day count down to 365 days of no cycle. So needless to say I am waiting on hormone level testing to come back to go see a wonderful nutritionist to help me with supplements. If I could warn anyone before they do things to their bodies I would say never go on birth control pills and certainly not for 5 years! And never have a tubal ligation. Those things are detrimental to a woman's health. Please don't email me hate mail, these are things that in my own personal opinion I would do over if I had the chance, if I had the wisdom then that I do now.

So I have been reading book after book on the change of life. How dreadful that sounds. Am I now considered at the top of the hill??? It seems that when you are going through something you forget that others have or will. You can kinda make it all about you can't you? So to try and not make this day about only me as these last few days have been I had the boys do a writing project. I have been reading blog posts about New Years resolutions. Some have been very good! I especially like Doug from Vision Forum. I read his last year and we all started journaling. Some months I was better at writing, some months I simply forgot. But it sure was nice to look back and "see" what we did, what we learned. I had the boys write down each month and then remember something about that month. They wrote out a sentence about something that stood out to them. Tomorrow's assignment is to write a paragraph about each month. Go into more detail about the canoe trip with dad. Tell more about the Awana grand prix you placed in. Remember all the mowing customers God placed in your life. I plan to do the same and make a slideshow of pictures to go along with it. Hopefully I can figure out how to post a slideshow?

I would encourage you to look back over this past year BEFORE you look to the future. Write it out, go back over you calendar, go through pictures, look over your check register you might remember that awesome dinner date you had with your husband! Remember and thank God for it ALL. That is a sure way to get out of a slump!

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