Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lost and Found

Have you ever miss placed something? Something important?

Like everyone else we have designated Christmas boxes we bring out every year. They hold our ornaments. The ones we carefully pick out each year to buy. The ones we have gotten when we visit Frankenmuth in Michigan, ones friends give, the ones we get to mark milestones. Then there are the boxes with strands and strands of lights. Lights that go on the tree, lights to go outside. Lights that have a few burned out bulbs that I swear I will fix so we won't have to buy another strand. Lights that I will never swear to replace but won't throw away because they were a speciality strand and cost to much. Boxes that hold the nativity set and the stockings. What!? Where are the stockings?? I am sure they were put in this box. That is the designated box!

Well, the mystery goes unsolved. We can't find the stockings. The ones we have had for 12 years now. We got them when we moved back to Michigan. Actually two of them Tom's mom bought the two oldest for our first Christmas home. Chandler wasn't born yet. So they are special. This is the house they were to rightfully hang in. The house that we finally bought with a fireplace. I was wrapping presents for the boys yesterday. I have lots of gift bags and thought well for this year we will just use gift bags for our stockings. I mean how can I go out last minute and pick out each persons special stocking. I am sure they will have all been picked though. So I gave it up to gift bags. I went on wrapping with out mentioning my plan. I knew the boys were down stairs but I wasn't paying attention to them. I was trying to get as much wrapping done while they were occupied.

"Mom, come down here," they yell. Trying to be patient or maybe it was the leading of the Spirit to yield, because I was in the middle of doing something!

My children, the ones that suffered through sewing lessons so that they could at least mind buttons or sew some pajama bottoms took my scrap material and sewed each member of our family a stocking. Each personal. All together.

God, bless them for the love they give.

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