Saturday, December 25, 2010

Peace on Earth

As I sit to write Christmas Day I am not sure of what to write. The only thing that I can sigh is Peace. Fullness. Peace. Blessedness. Happiness. Peace.

Unbelief that the God Most High chose me. Chose my family.

I think a lot, sometimes that is good sometimes it can get me in trouble. I try to figure out why would God chose this life for me. I feel so privileged. I feel like I have more than I deserve. I feel rich beyond words. I have a wonderful husband who provides me space to be who I am. He lets me go out on a limb when all he can do is shake his head. I have 3 amazing boys, men really. I don't deserve this. That is where I can get in trouble. I scare myself out of allowing God to give me His best.

Today, today I have peace to gratefully accept EVERYTHING He gives.

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