Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hot Chocolate & Fluff

So those who are reading for the healthy recipes or maybe even the soul food you may want to hop on another blog right

Went to the grocery store today with the boys. I told you the girls are coming over tomorrow for a girls night. Well I also take hot chocolate each week for them. We sit and talk over a cup of hot chocolate. remember the boys can't have dairy so they miss out. They have an allergy which means for them personally that if they have a bit of it they will be fine. If Chandler has a lot of it several days in a row followed by no vitamins and juicing his asthma may kick in. So on occasion I am a sucker. A sucker to give in and let them have the stuff. So today they talked me into getting the value pack of instant hot cocoa mix, as in 36 packets! Yes I know I can make hot cocoa with almond milk, sugar and cocoa. But I think kids like to "make" their own cup. And here is a new secret pleasure~fluff. I mean if you like marshmallows in your cocoa why not fluff? And if you already knew that secret why did you not tell me? Aren't friends suppose to share?

So in celebrating Christmas have a nice big hot cup of cocoa with a spoon full of fluff! Oh and drop in one of those Andes Mints too.

Merry Christmas!

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