Saturday, March 28, 2009

Week ending & beginning

These are the painting the kids in my Monday watercolor class did! Aren't they great?

Okay, Okay. So I haven't been all that on target this week. I didn't make it back last night because we took Dalton shopping so he could spend a little of his birthday money. While we were out we ate lunch. When we eat out Tom and I feel so full and to make up for the "bad" parts of eating out, the unhealthy stuff we skip dinner. You know dozens of tortillas I am 100% sure are made of all white flour. Corn chips fried I am sure in soy bean or corn oil. Not to mention the corn in the chips I am sure are not organic. Did you know that if you are going to make some changes in your diet the top 3 things to change are to not eat white flour, use organic corn only, and only organic peanut butter. Then I could go down the list but start there. Anyways dinner last night was cheese and crackers for the boys and Tom and I past. Or fasted if you will. Don't hear to much about fasting these days. I think it needs to be a part of your spiritual life and a part of a healthy life style.

And if not doing a cook along last night was not upsetting enough I am not posting at all next week. We are taking a spring break and going to Michigan. I will give you a preview of the menu I will have for the week we come back though. Just check out the Menu at a Glance section to the right sidebar.

Need dinner plans for tonight? Come to Lake Hills Baptist Church in Schererville. They are having this huge Game Dinner with music! Only $8 per person! Oh yeah, mom stay home and rest, paint, read, watch TV, get your nails done, something because this is for men and boys.


Tricia said...

Great job w/ all those pics!!

Tricia said...

Back on track with cooking yet?? Do you have a big Easter dinner planned?? I'm curious as to what you normally eat in your family...