Friday, March 13, 2009

Monday 3/16

Country Fried Chicken Steak with mashed potatoes & gravy.

Remember the Pampered Chef party I had? Well I got one of those cool meat pounder thingies. It is neat really. One side pounds the meat thin and the other side puts those hole patterns in the meat like country fried steaks have. So get yours out and have fun. Okay if you don't have one you can buy cubed steak and if they don't have it in chicken ask them to run it through their tenderizer or just use beef.

Now double coat it in egg wash and seasoned flour. Fry it in bacon grease, well I am. When done add to the same pan with extra grease if needed, 1/2 c flour or enough to make a roue. Brown it good, add salt and pepper. I then make the gravy with half milk half water. Until it is as thick as you like.

Make your mashed potatoes.

Serve it up with gravy smothering it ALL.

Now go and jog 2 miles, it's okay.

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