Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sunday 3/22

A new week. Again. Time is getting away from me. With this weather and the fact that I am looking over the next few months and all we need or should get done with school. My oldest son with be 13 on Tuesday and my head has so many more gray hairs than last year. Time. It makes us wiser but also older. I sat looking at pictures the other night of the boys when they were wee little. I just stare and think oh how I wish I would have kissed them another 20 times. And not that I didn't kiss them but my love has actually grown so much for them and who they are becoming I wish I had more time before the next year comes. Forgetting. It happens all the time. We forget pain, hurts, laughs, vacations, birthdays, even God's love for us. I am amazed how many times we are told to remember in the Bible. How many times we have to remind ourselves of things so simple, so good yet we forget them. Thank God he refreshes our memory in so many ways to so many things. Wishing you all a memory filled week of God's love.

Rotisserie chicken
Roasted potatoes

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