Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday 3/25

So I planned crab cakes. But I have a headache so it will be fried potatoes and eggs. I still feel good about that. And it will be coffee with hubby tonight while the boys are at AWANA. I plan to have a cook along with my new camera every Friday night. Won't that be FUN? Okay remember I am giddy about my new camera. So come back for that. And I might even change what I have planned so I can pick something good and special for the first one.

So on another note. I garden. This past summer we did raised beds. It was okay. I had not planned well enough for the garden to withstand all this wind here in Indiana. So this year we are putting up lattice to help shield it. I am starting tomato and pepper seeds in the house and I need to get out and buy onion sets, they are only here for so long and in early spring. So maybe with coffee in hand we will walk around Alsip's tonight. Which now reminds me we need some grass seed and potting soil...and oh my head aches. But I love the spring. Have fun, try your hand at a container garden if you've never tried gardening.

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