Friday, March 13, 2009

Tuesday 3/17

Happy St Patrick's Day!
We had lunch at our co-op last week. We studied Ireland and had traditional St Patrick's Day food. I am making it today. I LOVE noodles and cabbage and so do the boys. I could eat it once a week as the main dish.
Get a corned beef roast, it usually comes with the seasoning pack and boil it per directions.
Now to the good stuff! Fry a pound of bacon until crisp. In the same pan and with the grease fry up a big head of cabbage. Cut it in strips. Add an onion chopped up and salt & pepper. Let this fry until cabbage is soft and the onions are brown. Add the crumbled up bacon. Boil egg noddles, drain. Add noodles, cabbage and onion mixture and bacon in a bowl and mix.
Oh man, this is so good!

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Tricia said...

Don't forget your stick of butter added to that bacon grease (yeah...the WHOLE stick :-)