Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekly Food Bill

Did any of you check out Hungry Planet? It is amazing how much people eat in a week and also how little.
There is a whole book on this and it is so very interesting, check it out at the library.

I try to stay on somewhat of a budget for food and it peeks my interest to know what everyone else, meaning people I know, spends on food.

I try to average about $150 a week on food for 5 people.

What do you spend?

What do you spend it on?

I think I have it open for anyone to leave comments.

Add up what you eat for the week. Everything food related, bought or cooked. Let me know. What do you learn from looking at what you spend? What could you do better?

This is going to be fun but the more people participating the better so tell your friends and families to join in. If for some reason your comment gets to long email me your list of food bought for the week and I will add it to this blog as its own page. That will even be better. Email me a list of what you buy and how much it costs.

Start now today!

Also if you leave a comment that you are interested in doing this I will send out reminders during the week for you.

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Sheryl said...

I have been spending about $200 a week for almost 6 peopleat Wal Mart. But I am now seeing that I can spend about$400 a month at Costco with little trips to Wal Mart in between Costco runs.