Saturday, February 7, 2009

Monday 2/9

Chandler is 9 today!!! And that is the correct date! I was induced 3 weeks early because of pre-eclampsia so the 7th is the day I went in. Everything after that is a blur so most times I always say his birthday is the 7th. Tom has to correct me, now after 9 years the 9th is mostly what I say!

We always let them pick dinner. They prefer to eat at home so they choose the menu for the day. Last year was hilarious! I got on a no pork kick. (still am but we will eat bacon or sausage occasionally, for the health issue) So when it came time for Chandler's birthday last year he picked for his whole day:
sausage and pancakes
hot dogs
pork chops
Maybe his body was telling him it needed some pork???

So this year his dinner menu looks like this:
Rotisserie BBQ chicken
3 layer chocolate cake

Easy enough, thanks kid! Love you son!

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