Monday, February 2, 2009

Check Back...

Well, the one day trip turned into a 3 day trip. We saw Grandma and she was set on moving in with us. The boys were so excited. I was stunned by the compassion and LOVE they have. I am so thankful God is working in their hearts, you know that comes from Him! Sunday we were on our way to have lunch with her and chat awhile. We stopped by her house to clean and shovel the snow left from the last snow. The only thing that would keep her from coming home with us in a few weeks happened. She fell, again! This time she broke her pelvic bone. I am not sure she will recover from this. We are heart broken to say the least. Knowing God sees the big picture and is in charge of everything makes it easier to swallow but we are still heart broken. For us. For her.

Anyways, the boys swam the first night at the hotel and I read the new Everyday with Rachael Ray. It is FULL. I making most everything in it. I will post later, maybe tonight. Maybe. We are all tired, and being in a nursing home all day and the hospital all night everyone is dry and coughing so we are watching foodtv and resting tonight.

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Tricia said...

I can't express how sorry I am for you guys..... really. My thoughts have been quite occupied with you all today. Words seem so inadequate. I just hope you know that I care and I think your gesture to her was beautiful and selfless and amazing... and such a tribute to your boys..