Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday 3/1

March. Oh the anticipation. The hope for the garden beds, the yard work, the sitting in the sun reading a book, grilling, jogging...I could go on forever. What is it about spring that gives you a new hope for the remaining year? I am not sure it is one thing, it's the whole thing. Sorta like the picture of the hope and new beginnings we have in Christ. It's the whole thing!

So, I have 3 boys. They are no longer wearing their clothes gently. I mean how can children put holes in the knees of NEW pants during the winter??? Seriously??? I have up until last year been fine in hand me downs. I am down to having a few shirts left over for the next one. So with spring ahead of us the boys will need new clothes, all 3 of them! Which leads me to the menu this week.

Spring cleaning the cabinets. Dalton and I spent an hour yesterday pulling out things in the cabinets. Combining things, seeing what we had, like that 5lb bag of cream of wheat. We then made a menu and I think with all the things I have on hand I will spend about $50 at the grocery store this week. The rest of the $$ is being put in an envelope for clothes.

Rotisserie Chicken (or roasted if you don't have a rotisserie)

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