Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wednesday Plan

Wednesday's are our busiest day of the week. We pick up milk every other Wednesday in the mornings. We have music and then the boys have Alive and Awana at church. Wednesday's are our for sure crock pot days but I try to use the crock pot twice a week especially during the winter. I will later teach you how to make homemade stocks in the crock pot. Soon...for now just trust me and start a freezer bag and every time you cut off ends to the celery, onions, carrots what ever vegetable put them into it and place it all together into the freezer. You can even put the garlic skins. Oh, and while you are at it just throw any chicken skins and bones in there raw or cooked. Trust me that is what is in the chicken broth that you buy plus a whole bunch of MSG and artificial flavorings??? Okay back to beans. Now we don't eat a lot of pork simply because it is not all that good for you. But for pinto beans it is a must. Your beans and your taste buds will thank you.

Pinto Beans & Pork
Drain the beans you soaked last night~
You did right? I reminded you!
Add them to the crock pot and place about 2 ham hocks in the middle of them. Now add 2 tbsp sea salt and fill with water. You can also add some thyme, rosemary, basil, 2 carrots sliced, and onion diced before filling with water. Turn this all on low if you are an early riser and get it going about 9 if not and it is around noon no problem turn it on high. Around dinner it will all be ready all you really have to do is take out the ham hocks and take off any meat that may still be on them and put the meat back in the beans. Top with sour cream or cheese and enjoy. You can also make a pan of corn bread that is a nice accompaniment to beans.

My dad would have to have a pan of cornbread made in a cast iron skillet, that is how he taught me. But then he would fill his glass with piece of cornbread and pour buttermilk over it and have it with his beans that way. Sometimes it was just the cornbread and buttermilk for dinner for him. So what things did your mom or dad teach you to cook? What do you remember them eating that is weird now adays? Leave a comment and let me know.

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Tricia said...

I remember watching my grandpa rip up some cornbread and pour buttermilk over it as a nighttime snack. How funny!

I cannot wait to try some of the yummy recipes you've posted!!