Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Look Ahead

Got our taxes done today.  I have always looked forward to getting our taxes done.  We have always gotten money back and look at it as a savings account we cash out each year.  Until this year.  I read an article a few days ago stating that we as the workers shouldn't look forward to a huge income tax check.  Reason being that the more money we get back means that the government just got away with holding on to our money interest free.  Do they give us money interest free to hold and give back later?  So I really am not a political person.  Don't bash me I just am not and I probably won't ever be. did help me to feel better that we didn't get a huge check.  Actually it helped me bandage the wound. 

What has that got to do with food?  A lot.  We usually buy 1/2 or so of a cow.  We are now out of beef but for a few packages.  We will have to make due until Ford's profit sharing check that we are THANKFUL to get this year.  YAY FORD!

So this week's menu will be using up the last few packages of ground beef, beef stew meat and ground sausage. 

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