Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Day at Our Breakfast Table

Mornings in our house during the week are pretty standard.  Dalton wakes up at the crack of dawn, 5:30a.m. on his own.  Even yesterday he forgot to set his alarm and woke up anyways and he credited it to God.  I am not telling you this to toot my own horn because I do not require this of  him so it isn't my horn ;)

The rest of us sane people get up at 7.  Everyone has their personal time with God before anything so I sit with my coffee for a bit in my study room.  The boys then make it around to morning chores and music.  I get to the computer to catch up and usually listen to something on  Right now I am doing a study in Revelation with J.Vernon McGee.  Really like him, it's like getting a history lesson each day.  Breakfast is about 8:30 though it can be 9:00.  With breakfast we read the Bible together.  We have been reading a Proverb a day for well 24 days now.  So today we did Proverbs 24.  We talk about verses that stick out to us or that we come upon and have been struggling with.  We came to verse 11 and I am using ESV.

Rescue those who are being taken away to death: hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter. 

In small groups last night I told the girls a gruesome story about the Judas goat.  So it fit with the Proverb today so I told the boys about it.  It went like this...

Let me tell you a gruesome story about being sheep.  Well the Bible says that Jesus was led to the slaughter like a lamb.  He was being led there by God.  He knew He could trust Him and He went.  We are also told in Revelation that goats and sheep will be divided.  So we have good sheep and bad goats.  The nature of sheep is mild, trusting, followers.  Goats are obnoxious, loners, will eat anything good or bad.  In real life they train a goat to lead sheep to slaughter.  This is called a Judas goat.  We talk about why it is called a Judas goat.  I tell them that the goat will be released into the group of sheep who are huddled together.  The goat will go to another pen and one by one the sheep will follow.  I ask them to think about that a minute.  Are you that goat leading others away from Christ to slaughter.  Are you the sheep being led to the slaughter or are you a sheep being led by God.  Dalton pipes in, "can't I be a sheep dog?"  Hmmm...thanks for giving me new eyes son.  Yes you can be a sheep dog who's master is God.  Amen.

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