Monday, February 14, 2011


Guess what I have been "cooking" up around here?! 


I am so excited, I have been getting supplies ordered to make soap for a few weeks now.  I have watched countless videos on how to use lye safely.  I have made my notes to insure that I know each step to take. 

I even made the boys watch a video on lye usage so they understand why not to bother me while I am making soap.  Also to inform them of the reason I said, "No you can not help me."

Today I made a 2lb bar of clove soap.  It smells so good.  I veered on the light side for this first batch.  If tomorrow when I cut it, it doesn't smell strong I will add a bit more clove oil the next time I make it.
I am using essential oils for my soaps as they are made from nature.  I plan to make a batch each day for a week or so and then wait until they cure to see how they lather up. 

I started by stirring the batch but ended up breaking out my immersion blender.  I was going to try and wait until I found one at a yard sale but after stirring for 40 minutes I had to.  After starting it up it traced in 2 minutes.  I used coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and clove essential oil.

This is the homemade soap mold we came up with.  It will end up making perfect 3 1/2 square blocks of soap.  It is also adjustable!  So this one box can make a 2 lb batch, 4 lb batch or a 6 lb batch.  Here it is filled with my very first batch.

Tomorrow I am making a lavender castile soap.  I will post pictures of the clove cut too!  You know this is exactly what I need until the spring gets here.

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