Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Look in the Mirror

I know as I type this and think of how to put it in words I might get a few who think, well that boy was mocking his own mother, how awful.  Please know that is NOT the truth.  As I am trying to be humble, because I hate to be humbled, I want to leave a record for myself to what I am learning.  Since this is my blog I tend to write more here than on paper.  I know, not that much!  And since it is my blog I want to be honest and sometimes my life is ugly.

Today I am cold.  The sun is shining and it is warming up outside.  I have already had windows open at our house a handful of times already this spring.  I actually sit down to plan my lessons for tomorrow co-op and turn on the fireplace.  As I head to the upstairs bathroom excited that since the fireplace has been on and heat rises the bathroom should be nice and toasty. 

Until I start walking upstairs and I feel cold air.  My first thought is oh no, I hope that heater isn't shutting down on us.  I get to the thermostat and it reads 66.  Which in our house is warm.  I look at both ends of the house and windows are open!  What!?  "Who opened up the windows!"  "I have the heat on up here!"  Of course the boys are downstairs so they don't quite hear WHAT I am saying, they only know I am yelling.  So I yell again, "Who opened up these windows?" 

Now, understand I KNOW who opened them, I know whose bedrooms they are after all.  Understand my boys are looking forward to being out in the wonderful weather today before the next few days of rain come.  Understand my boys are appreciating the day God has given and seeing good.  Now understand my pride, my foolishness, my greed and my wicked yelling is not good.

My humorous son, runs upstairs and says, "I did mom."  He was laughing and yelling and mocking my voice.  Mocking my voice, not me.  All I could do is laugh.  Thank you so much God for gently showing me myself in the mirror.  Thank you God for letting my children see me TRY and be humble.

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