Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Proverbs 31

Are you taking note?

As I came to my time with the Lord I came not knowing what He had for me.  Really.  I just didn't even know what to read or where to start.  I mean I want to try and be deliberate about my time with the Lord.  Sometimes that means deliberately shutting up.  So as I quiet myself I feel lead to ponder Proverbs 31.  I am not sure how you feel about this famous chapter.  When I was a new christian I actually loved this chapter.  The truth is I wasn't raised in a christian home.  We weren't taught about God and creation about sin and the forgiveness of it.  That we are made in the image of God!  So when I became a christian this is what God used to teach me.  He set woman in my life as examples to what this woman looked like and I loved it.  I ate it up.  I still do, but this is not what I wanted to ponder today.  I didn't want to ponder it because if He was leading me there, there MUST be something He has to say to me about it.  You know, the refining, the chisel.  Couldn't we just read a Psalm about praise together today Lord? 

I read it.  I loved it, I pondered it.  I asked God to help me walk through my day today taking notice of this verse and how it fits into my day, TODAY.  Those are the things I have to be deliberate about.  Walking, taking notice.

I took note of breakfast and how much it was a joy to have fresh healthy food to make.  Pampered Chef stones to bake on, a real Rachael Ray knife that I use exclusively. I took note of my children being sick and how they ask me for vitamins, for water and how honored I am to bring it to them.  I took note of how God lead me to think about the next day and how busy it was going to be and so I prepared dinner for the next day too.

I took note of the warm sun trying to shine in my long, thick curtains so I went looking for the spring curtains.  Where are they?  Looked in several places but no luck. 

The truth is I can toot my horn and tell you my laundry basket is rarely full but that wouldn't be the complete story.  The complete story is I wash clothes everyday, unload the dryer, dump them on my bed, call the boys to get theirs and any towels and walk away to do something else.  When my husband gets home he usually finishes what I didn't do.  I don't feel too guilty about that, he helps me a lot.  But that day God nudged me to finish and I did.  The took his church pants, hung them on the pants hanger went to hang them up and you know what was on his shelf ?  Those curtains I was looking for! 

Obedience has it's rewards.  Are you taking note?

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