Monday, March 28, 2011

Garden Planning

I am so excited to plant our garden this year.  For the past 4 years we have been in Indiana I have not been able to garden.  I did have 2 small raised beds that provided entertainment to the neighborhood children.  They would love to come and pick green beans or pull carrots up, wash them off and eat them right there.  They loved to smell the lemon balm growing and look for caterpillars on the parsley.  But that is not what I call gardening.  This year my future is wide open!  This year my dream list consisted of 39 fruits, vegetables and herbs.  We have the garden tilled and ready, seeds are bought, onion sets of red and yellow are sprouting.  What is holding us back?  Well not the weather, you can plant many things before the last frost date.  School, plans to leave on a 4 day trip to Cincinnati's Homeschool Convention, tying up loose ends to leave, making soap which I really need to slow down on!  Which reminds me if you love homemade soaps that have no harmful chemicals let me know I have a few to sell.

Broccoli Raab's first set of true leaves

Brandy Wine Tomatoes

Leeks with the seed's outer covering still attached

San Marzano Tomatoes

After much research and catalog browsing this is my best educated guess:
My list (though I probably WON'T get to plant everything this year)
basil~ genovese & sweet
green beans~ provider & strike
beets~ touchstone gold
brussels sprouts~ igor, though a crop failure has ravished this type so maybe for the fall garden
carrot~ royal chatenay, snow white & purple haze
chard~ bright lights
cucumber~ patio pickles
eggplant~ dusky
grape~ concord & interlaken
kale~ lacinto or red russian
leeks~ king richard (summer) bandit (fall)
romaine lettuce~ jericho & rouge d'hiver
red & yellow onions~ just what the garden center had
peppers~ sweet chocolate
radish~ white diakon
rhubarb~ victoria or crimson cherry
spinach~ baby leaf, catalina
squash~ green zucchini, red kuri, nutter butter, spaghetti squash
tomato~ brandywine & san marzano
peas~ green arrow
broccolini~ sautee
cantaloupe~ delicious
watermelon~ baby doll yellow

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