Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lemon Lime Popsicles

Wow!  These past few days have been so nice.  Today however it was hot.  89 degrees!  When you go right into those kinds of temps when you are use to 50 you notice.  The humidity makes you work slower.  The heat makes your mind dream about ice cream.  Well mine does!  Today we got alot done.  I have three awesome hard working young men.  I have one, 15 who out works me.  He divided and transplanted 20 hostas today by himself.  God bless that boy.  He sure blesses me.  The other two were busy making a make shift pen for the 20 chicks to free range before the coop is done.  And since we saw a HUGE raccoon the other night at the bird feeder we will make it extra secure.  I think we will be buying a gun soon.  And don't even send me hate mail.  After raising 20 chicks from day olds, cleaning their box every week, buying food, paying the electric bill for the heat lamp to run 24/7 & hand petting them I will do what ever it takes to get rid of predators.  No guilt. 

I also made popsicles!

Lemon Lime popsicles
juice 4 lemons & 5 limes
add about 1 1/2 c rice milk
about 1/2 c honey
Blend in a blender and add a good handful of ice.  You can just drink this and I did what was left over after making 6 popsicles.  So refreshing on a day like today.

 First time outside and the girls loved it.  They laid in the sun and stretched out their wings.  Ate bugs and dandelions.

Here is my herb garden, it's right out my back kitchen door.  If you can imagine, it was FULL of weeds.  I didn't have plant markers so I rummaged through my desk drawers.  Colored pencils!  You know you have 3 sets of them.  Really, what is it about a new pack of colored pencils even though you already have a pack at home that rarely get used?  Crayons too, my boys have just gotten older.

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~ Journeyers ~ said...

Wow! Those popsicles sound great :) I'm going to have to try them!