Tuesday, November 22, 2011


to link or be linked together again

My son reminded me that I have a blog last night.  He even found it and left a comment so I would go and read it!  I love him.  He is why I am reconnecting.  When I first started this blog it was called A Year In The Life...centered around a yearly menu in our home.  After that year it changed and I began to blog about food and other things hence the name change to My Life In Which He Has Placed Me.  School started and in our home that meant me being the teacher I just didn't have much time left.  I also teach a literature class in our local co-op and a watercolor class in our home every other week.  Music lessons, church, AWANA...you get the picture.  Along with all of that comes cheating.  Cheating in our food choices.  My youngest has asthma that is gluten and environmental induced. 

I have a cook book that I made a few years ago.  I scrapbooked each page and added our tried and true recipes to it.  It is an heirloom.  Sadly, many of the recipes are for sugar cookies, homemade whole wheat bread, pancakes, gluten laden favorites.  Sometimes to me a gluten free diet seems impossible because it takes planning and when you are first starting out and you have 3 very hungry boys waiting for dinner you just need a tried and true recipe.  That is what this next year is going to be.  The food changes but the name remains!  I won't be making my own cookbook or anything I will just share with you our menus and how they turned out.  Isn't that what we want to know how they turn out?  Are they good enough to add to our cookbook?

Come along for the journey.  We will have success! 

Now that I have started I must tell you something.  We are traveling back to Alabama for Thanksgiving so I won't be posting.  However, I will leave you with a couple recipes I posted before.  The Thanksgiving table can be concurred with some smart choices like, turkey or ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, cranberry relish.  You can even if it is family take along some arrowroot powder steal some of the pan drippings and make a bit of homemade gravy for the potatoes!  The dessert table is where your heart will be mislead.  You will feel like it just isn't fair, like you are deprived.  This is not the truth.  You can have dessert.  Make yourself a few cookies to take along and share that way you are sure to have some gluten free choices. 

No Bake Cookies - for us as long as we use organic oats we are fine.
Peanut Butter Cookies

Happy Thanksgiving.

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